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Islands of Perdido Foundation Organizational Goals

After the vegetation and pine trees on Robinson Island were virtually destroyed by Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina, a huge need was to restore and regrow these plants on the islands. Robinson and surrounding islands support heron and osprey that make these islands their homes atop many trees that suffer from these and other natural storms. In addition, it is also important that the Foundation cares for the island after human use as well. 

Foundational Goals

The following are the different goals and actions that the Foundation focuses on. There are various clean ups and plantings that are done to meet these goals, as well as work supported for educational development in our community of Orange Beach.


  • Support the "Seas, Sands, and Stars" program established at the elementary school in Orange Beach

  • Restore over 2,000 pine trees, as well as other indigenous plants, to Robinson Island and other surrounding islands

  • Facilitate and protect the bird nesting areas on Bird Island, putting up protective fencing and signs educating the public to stay out of those areas

  • Establish garbage bag dispensers on Robinson Island and Bird Island to facilitate the beachgoers to gather their trash and take with them rather than leave it on the island

  • Constant clean up of trash and debris on the islands

  • Work with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, the Alabama Departement of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the City of Orange Beach Marine Police to establish boundary markers for grass beds surrounding the islands

  • Further work with the DISL on these grass beds for birds to rest and deposit their droppings on the grass beds for fertilization to enhance their growth

  • Continue to work with the citizens and City of Orange Beach to annex and facilitate the management of these important natural resources, including creating ordinances for protection of the grass beds and prohibiting the discharge of firearms on those waters

Goals Being Met

The Island of Perdido Foundation is excited to thank the many organizations that make the work we do possible. The real thanks goes to the many volunteers, from these organizations and citizens of Orange Beach and surrounding communities, that come out to support our clean ups, habitat restoration projects, educational efforts, and good stewardship managment efforts. Without their selfless help and passion for these islands, none of the work featured would be possible.


Check out the many organizations involved in our work by clicking here.

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