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The Islands of Perdido Foundation

Our foundation was formed for the purpose of conducting preservation, restoration, research and educational activities related to Robinson Island and surrounding smaller islands in Orange Beach, Alabama. The area encompassing Robinson Island is at the gateway from Alabama's southernmost inland waters to the Gulf of Mexico at Perdido Pass. As an extremely popular recreational fishing and boating area, the Islands of Perdido are used by thousands of residents and visitors each year.

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For many years, Robinson Island and the waters surrounding the island have been a focal point for public use of its beaches and adjacent waters for family recreation and wildlife habitat. It served as a major nesting ground for the heron and osprey population for the area. Local concerned citizens were determined that the island should be maintained for public use, recreation, education, preservation, and wildlife habitat. After many discussions and dealings with the City of Orange Beach, The Nature Conservancy, and the original owners of the island, in 2006 the Robinson Island Estuary Foundation was formed by these citizens, with aid from Hand Arendall LLC. 


Later, in 2007, the scope of work was expanded to include Bird Island and others in the area, thus renaming the Foundation to the Islands of Perdido Marine Park Foundation, and then to the Islands of Perdido Foundation. 


Today, all of the work for the Foundation is done through its Trustees, friends and affiliates on a voluntary basis. There are no paid employees, and there is no compensation paid to any of the Trustees, Officers, or others. All of the persons who serve on the board are actively involved in protection of the resources, including vegetations, wildlife, and grass beds, for public use, recreation, education, and wildlife habitat. All of the funding for activities and programs have been provided either directly or indirectly through Orange Beach, the DISL, or through grants applied for and received by the City, DISL, and through items donated by volunteers through the DCNR, the City, DISL, Nature Conservancy or other similar organizations. Most recently, we have been fortunate to recieve funds from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Below are the many different organizations involved in our work. We thank them for their organizational help, important research, and voluntary support in our many endeavors to support and protect our Perdido Islands.


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