Orange Beach's Waterways Have Been Updated

Please check out this map and keep in mind the new no wake/no motor zones! These regulations help to prevent erosion and develop beach & seagrass habitat. Full maps and zoning laws can be found in this brochure.

Explore Perdido

The islands are a place of fun and relaxation. To keep them that way, our coastal communities have set out to keep you informed about your favorite hot spots around the islands. Check out useful tips on how to navigate our areas safely.

Foundation Goals

We love to be on the islands, whether we are playing or working! The goals outlined are achieved through volunteers like you! Check out the Foundation Goals page for the best ways to take part in preserving the Islands for generations to come!

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The Islands

Save Our Seagrass

Latest Project

We are working with partners to protect local seagrass beds through an exciting education campaign! Click here for full details! 

On our excursions to the islands for habitat restoration or educational purposes, we always meet and ferry across at Boggy Point boat launch.


Projects typically include: 

  • Tree Planting

  • Replacing fencing

  • Setting up platforms

  • Trash Clean Up

The City of Orange Beach now owns Walker Island and is working to ensure its habitat health! Check out the update by clicking here.

Walker Island